Meet Angela

I am a Veterinary Technician with over 25 years of experience who has been caring for the pets of York Region and surrounding areas since 2005. I am always excited to incorporate my love for animals into working with clients and providing them the best care possible.

I also have a interest in photography and enjoy taking snapshots of the pets I am visiting to share this passion with others.

It’s my pleasure to be able to integrate my love for animals into providing your pet(s) the same care they would receive from you daily in the comfort of their own home.

Angela with a cat

Benefits for Pets

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Cage Free

Whether in your home or mine, your pet will have the freedom they are accustomed to.

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Enrichment Activities

Does you pet like hikes in the forest or are they a couch potato? Activities are customized to the level of your pet.

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Your cat remains in his/her own environment where they feel safe and comfortable.

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Specific Needs

All individual needs are met with regards to feeding, medication and specialized care.

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Medical Knowledge

As an experienced Veterinary Technician you can trust your pet(s) will receive premium care while under Angela's supervision.


Pet Services

Angela with a black-white cat

Exceed each pet(s) emotional needs with lots of kisses and love.


Cat on the floor

Specific time set aside for playful interaction.



Proficient at administering required treatments and supplements.


Angela with a red cat

Feline brushing and "paw"dicures if compliant.

Basic Grooming

Home Services

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Will bring in any mail, packages or newspapers

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Will put out your recycling, compost and garbage as required

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Has no green thumb, but will water indoor plants upon request

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Alternates lights and blinds to give your home a lived-in look

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Quick inspection of your home for any leaks or possible problems


Angela is absolutely amazing! 100% peace of mind for travel and pet needs hands down. Wonderful having her and this service in my area.


Angela is amazing! We have absolutely no worries when we leave our little ones in her care, and more importantly, they trust her. She has looked after our old cat Max, and now our new young ones. Her updates and photos reassure us that all is well while we are away, and we know she has the skills to handle any problems. We are fortunate to have found her.


Angela has been helping care for our various family members for a while now - our holidays simply would not be the same if we did not have total confidence that our pets were being cared for by someone as loving, caring, professional and trustworthy as Angela! We believe she truly loves each pet she looks after...once you use her services, you will understand....and by the way, did we make it clear yet? we HIGHLY recommend her!