Angela graduated as a Veterinary Technician from Centralia College of Agricultural Technology in 1992 and acquired a job in the veterinary industry. In 2005, while working at a clinic in Newmarket, one of the office`s clients approached her to ask if Angela would help them out with medicating their cat while they were away for the weekend. From that point on Angela became the go-to-girl for people’s pets needing care while they went away or if they just could not medicate their pets themselves and “Purrfect Pet Sitting” was born.

As for being an entrepreneur, Angela’s favourite aspect is being her own boss but also seeing her own business flourish.

“To see something that started on a whim 12 years ago, turn into something that is [steadily] paying my bills is very rewarding,” Angela said.

Angela takes encouragement from those closest to her and business advice from other successful pet care business owners.

One service Angela is excited to offer is a monthly pedicure day.  “There are many cats and dogs for whom a road trip to the veterinarian or groomers for a nail trim is just too stressful,” Angela says.

Her goal is to alleviate some of that stress for everyone with this service.  Just call ahead to book your cat(s) or dog(s) for a pedicure and Angela and another Veterinary Technician, will visit your home to trim your animal companions nails in the safety of home. The first pedicure day will be April 22, 2017.

When you hire Angela to care for your pet in your absence, know that it will be cared for as you would normally treat them. Angela knows no two pets are the same and she is flexible to each pet’s specific needs. She is dependable and pays close attention to detail.

Details of Angela’s services and what to expect:

  • Service you can depend on
  • Close attention to detail
  • Every pet is treated as if it were her own
  • Flexible to each animal’s specific needs
  • Extensive knowledge of pet care best practices

With 25 years of experience, Angela is ready and able to care for your pet while you’re away.

Catch Angela and Purrfect Pet Sitting on Sunday, April 2nd during “Who Let The Dogs Out Spring Fling” at their booth from 11am-3pm. You may also get in touch with Angela by sending her an email or a message on Facebook (links below). To speak in person, dial 905-954-5673.